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Cultural Experience hunting with the Hadzabe

Cultural Experience

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Cultural Experience In Hadzabe tribe live near Lake Eyasi in a mostly traditional way. It’s possible to join these hunters and gatherers on a hunt, and see what techniques they use to catch their preys. The Hadzabe are excellent shooters and if you are lucky, you will see them shoot their prey with a bow and arrow, or find something in traps that they set out. Besides, they will teach you survival skills such as making a fire from scratch. 

Be advised that you have to wake up early for this excursion. The hunt often starts around half past five in the morning, when the sun rises. It lasts about three hours and after the hunt you will join the Hadzabe to the market. Here, they exchange their captured prey with the Dotoga tribe for new arrows and bows.

It’s good to realize that the Hadzabe only hunt and kill for their survival, and in their way of living treat nature with the utmost respect. They live in balance with their surroundings. If, however, you don’t like seeing dead animals, this excursion might not be your cup of tea. now

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