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Our Safari Overview

Go on a journey back in time and experience how people can be satisfied with the simplest way of life. The Maasai people reside in small huts in the middle of nature, where lions, elephants and many other animals also live. But the Maasai know how to protect their own territory – and that of their goats and cows – in harmony with nature. On this excursion you will learn from the Maasai how they manage life in nature and what their everyday life is like. You will also get an insight into the Maasai traditions and have a look inside their huts. An experience not to be missed during your Tanzania trip – you will be amazed!

Additional information

This is one of the best and most exciting things you can do in Tanzania!  A hot air balloon safari over the famous Serengeti plains will make your safari in Tanzania even more memorable than it already is. Lift off is at sunrise after which you gently fly over the savannah and animals of the Serengeti. The hot air balloon will float at treetop height above the baobab and acacia trees, which gives you a magnificent bird’s eye view of the animals below. You quietly watch the wildlife from above while being in total peace and enjoying breathtaking panoramic views.

The balloon safari can be done in three different locations in Serengeti National Park. If you want to see the Great Migration from above, make sure to keep the following months in mind:

Ndutu: February
Central Serengeti: April till mid-June
North Serengeti: End July, August, September

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